Retrofit Solutions

When your building automation system requires constant maintenance, expensive repair parts, or is not user friendly, maybe its time to consider a retrofit.  Our company is experienced in evaluating your existing control system and providing you with a controls solution to match your budget.  We also work closely with Energy companies to secure grants/incentives for eligible projects.

Your goals are like ours: to save energy, minimize maintenance, user friendly software, and provide occupant comfort.  We understand these goals and understand the importance of providing a quality product to meet your facility needs now, and into the future.

When a Delta Control system is selected for installation, we work closely with the customer to minimize environmental interruptions and to ensure the retrofit is a seamless transformation.  Before a project is executed, we invest numerous hours designing every detail of the project, evaluating the existing wiring and components, and organizing project details prior to installation.

If your facility has a poor or inadequate building control system, then maybe its time to call our office for an evaluation.  We have a team of professionals able to evaluate your HVAC system(s), lighting controls, and Door Access controls.

If Integration is a prime concern for your organization, we have a solution.  The Delta Control system can be integrated with HVAC units, Server Room AC Units, Lighting systems, Cameras, Card Access, and a host of other facility systems.

If you should require any further information, please contact our office or schedule a site survey.